Pounce floor print

Create stunning, full-colour floor graphics from 1 sqm to almost any size for use in exhibition, museum, retail, events and sports areas.

Kyoti Pounce Floor Print provides a durable, non-slip cushioned flooring solution. For large scale floor graphics, images can be printed up to 3.2 metres wide by 20 metres in length in a single piece and can be joined together to provide precise image registration. The substrate is a PVC coated polyester woven fabric which is cushioned, making it more comfortable underfoot than a rigid floor, and more durable than a printed rigid substrate.

Ensure your message is maximized by adding drama and visual impact to the horizontal dimension, an often subtle and under-used space.




Creates opportunity to add visuals to the floor, which ensures maximum message impact.


Supplied in a roll, Pounce Floor Print can easily be laid out and adjusted, then held in position using double sided tape.


Pounce Floor Print is a non-rigid substrate which improves ease of transport and storage.


Durable substrate suitable for re-use in multiple installations.