Towering island trade stand for Trimaco

Trimaco, a US company specialising in a broad range of jobsite protection products, has recently exhibited at UK Construction Week at the NEC Birmingham. Selecting Kyoti Graphics, a Shropshire based signage and exhibition graphics company, to design, supply and install their trade stand, Trimaco reserved a 48 sqm island space at the UK’s largest construction exhibition in October. 

Trimaco required a modular solution to provide them with flexibility for their trade show plans, ensuring portability and adaptability for a variety of space configurations during their exhibition season. The solution also needed to create individual product stories whilst providing a strong foot flow between product categories. Modular stands provide a cost effective solution which is the best of both worlds, as the majority of components can be reused it has a smaller environmental impact than a custom built joinery stand but is more robust and durable than many budget portable solutions. 

At UK Construction Week, the Trimaco stand included a 36mm high floor finished with aluminium edge strips, to create a platform on which the surface protection products could be demonstrated, whilst also covering the stand electrics. The hardware included four 4 metre high satellite towers as well as a larger central 4 metre tower and display plinths, which incorporated lockable storage and eye-catching graphics showcasing bestselling and new products. The towers were produced from aluminium extrusion which is easily locked together with channel for sliding in the relevant graphics. The space was lit using low power LED lighting. 

Kyoti Graphics was delighted to have been chosen to support Trimaco’s trade show plans for the second consecutive year. Rob Evans, director of Kyoti Graphics explained, “This client has detailed, robust plans which ensured the two day build at the NEC was completed without hitch, leading to positive feedback from US management and our UK partner. We look forward to completing further stand builds at the Decorating Show at Ricoh Coventry and the International Hardware show in Cologne.” Nicola Rushin, marketing manager of Trimaco said, “The regular and detailed communication I have with Kyoti prior to each event, gives me great confidence the stand will be configured and function as productively as possible. Working with a local company and investing in modular hardware has been a great advantage.”