Top tips to get the most from your outdoor event!

Our Great British spring and summertime outdoor event season has started. Whatever the weather, the choice of events is exciting, from food festivals and county shows, to music, theatre and sporting events. The local area hosts many outdoor events throughout the (optimistically) warmer, lighter months, and you need to stand out from the crowd to adequately promote your brand and sell your wares.

Portable displays solutions, designed especially for the great outdoors, are an important way of attracting attention at busy events. There is a broad selection of simple to use products, but how do you choose the right one for you? We offer some tips to help guide you through the selection process...

>> Provide shelter for your staff, products and customers.

Branded tents and marquees may be just the ticket. Available in a choice of colours and sizes, your brand or message can be printed on the roof or canopy, as well as side walls. These sturdy shelters provide protection from the sun as well as (less optimistically) the rain, and the height at which your brand is displayed will stand out above the crowds.

>> Attract attention with a fluttering flag.

Flags are the most visually striking way to promote a business outdoors. Portable flagpoles and flag kits are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Feather flags are the most popular with sizes available from counter top up to a towering 6 metres. Fluttering flags add movement to an otherwise static display which is a great way to attract attention in a busy field or park.

>> Add business or retail signage to your space.

Help customers identify and remember your brand by adding signage to your space. Promote special offers and communicate business information with a suitable sign. Single and double sided Roll Up Banners are available especially designed for outdoor use. Single and double sided frames and stands are available to display PVC Banners at floor or eye level. And pavement advertisers are ideal for use adjacent to spaces, especially if you want to regularly change your message or offer.

>> Organise your customer queue or rope off a space.

Café barriers and leader rope systems offer a great way to organise groups of people in a stylish and effective way. You can define areas for queueing or other customer activities such as eating and drinking, whilst also adding your branding and message. Basic and premium options are available to suit your budget.

Contact Kyoti Graphics to get more advice, information or a quote.

All products are easy to use, quick to assemble and easily transported. So, you can set up yourself, but we are also happy to help with installation, whatever the weather!

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