Tension fabric display with interactive option

The popularity of tension fabric displays continues to grow. The displays can be wall mounted or freestanding to suit the client or situation, and are great for creating a seamless and easily changed graphic display especially in a large space. Kyoti Graphics continually innovates and has recently incorporated an interactive option for these displays which is brilliant for corporate showrooms and retail environments.

This project, for a public services client on behalf of a creative agency, was recently installed in the West Midlands. 

The display can be made interactive by including a steel faced MDF board, mounted to the wall behind the fabric. And with clever design and the addition of separate magnetised, profile cut graphics, can be used to communicate achievements, goals or topical messages.


Create a display in an public services' office environment.


To supply and install a wall mounted interior display. 


18mm wall mountable frame profile with full colour dye sublimation print to polyester weave fabric, stretch mounted to fit frame.


Tension fabric display Tension fabric display
Tension fabric display Tension fabric display with interactive option