MEE-FIT's new gym gets stand out illuminated sign



Building signage at relocated premises of MEE-FIT, Whitchurch.


Create large stand out building signage to signpost the new gym location and maximise its visibility at new premises on an industrial estate.


Built-up letter signage. Large interior sign with rim and return letters and acrylic faces with internal illumination. Larger and smaller exterior signs with solid faced letters with halo illumination.


A successful Whitchurch based gym, MEE-FIT, has relocated to significantly larger premises on Waymills Industrial Estate. The new premises have benefitted from some striking, illuminated building signage supplied and installed by Kyoti Graphics, a specialist in large format graphics for companies throughout Shropshire and West Midlands. The stand out signage helps identify the new location, and reinforces the distinctive gym branding.

Large built-up letters were produced and painted in the brand colour of matt black, to create substantial, 5 metre wide signs for both interior and exterior use. The internal sign has illumination inside the rim and return letters which is visible through the acrylic faces, and is installed on the rear wall of the large gym space.

The exterior sign has solid faced letters which have halo illumination and ensures the gym is highly visible in lower light. A smaller 2 metre wide, built-up letter sign was also installed near the entrance door. This is also halo illuminated.

Shannen Mee of MEE-FIT, was thrilled with the new signage exclaiming, “Wow. It looks absolutely brilliant, we love it! It has taken our branding to the next level.” Rob Evans of Kyoti Graphics, was also really pleased as “the client was so excited to be expanding and relocating to a new space and it is always great to support a business and help them realise an ambitious vision. We wish them every success in their new premises.”

Mee-Fit-Illuminated-External-Small-SQCRP-ebMZVf.jpg Mee-Fit-Illuminated-Internal-2-SQCRP-6hA07P.jpg Mee-Fit-Illuminated-External-Large-2-SQCRP-Q8j7L5.jpg Mee-Fit-Illuminated-Internal-SQCRP-e57HVZ.jpg