Ikano upgrades Telford office with unique graphics



Interior graphics at large office space for Ikano Bank in Telford.


Create a vibrant office environment that reflects the unique company values and diverse countries in which the company operates using images and text.


Ceiling suspended tension frames and fabric graphics. Digital wallpaper on vertical surfaces with angled sections. Self adhesive vinyl logos, images and text on vertical surfaces including walls and pillars.


Modern offices are typically utilitarian spaces which can be greatly enhanced by the introduction of graphics. Interior graphics can fulfil a variety of objectives depending on the company and or environment, including communicating corporate or brand values, aiding office navigation or workspace zoning, or simply to add colour and interest to an otherwise generic space.

Ikano Bank, a company owned by the family that founded Ikea who supplies consumer finance products via numerous high street names, has a large office space in the prime and iconic Plaza One building in Telford. Ikano wanted to enhance their space to reflect the diverse countries in which they operate, add quirky imagery to showcase their unique heritage and communicate core company values.

The interior graphics included a variety of substrates such as ceiling suspended tension frames with fabric graphics which helped overcome the building rules to avoid wall fixings; digital wallpaper on angled vertical spaces; and self-adhesive vinyl letters attached to vertical spaces including walls and pillars.

Kyoti Graphics were asked to install the noisier elements of the job outside standard working hours thereby minimising disruption in this work environment.

The interior graphics combine to create a more interesting and stimulating workspace for the Ikano employees. The client had a clear and specific idea of the end result and Kyoti Graphics responded to this clear brief by adding expert recommendations for the final hardware and substrate selection to reflect the office configuration.

Rob Evans, Kyoti Graphics stated “we love working with clients who want to create exciting office environments. These types of interesting, large scale and higher end graphics are fun to design, supply and install and really help to create a unique working environment which is enjoyed by the staff.”

Ikano-Bank_Interior-graphics-quote1023x1024.jpg Ikano-Bank_Tension-fabric_SQ-1024x1024.jpg Ikano-Bank_Tension-fabric-2-1024x1024.jpg
Ikano-Bank_Interior-graphics-fire-exit-1024x1024.jpg Robs-phone-Dec-2018-530-1024x1024.jpg