Eye-catching Kyoti Graphics freestanding printed fabric display

Kyoti Graphics wanted to create extra wow factor at the recent Shropshire Chamber event at Halls in Battlefield, Shrewsbury.

As a specialist in large format graphic displays, we work hard to highlight new products and innovations to our existing and prospective clients. The popular Shropshire Chamber event creates a perfect opportunity to introduce a new display. We installed a 2.4 square metre freestanding frame, powder coated in black. We face fitted a display polyester weave, dye sublimation printed with our distinctive Kyoti Graphics branding. And to highlight how these displays can be made interactive, we mounted a jigsaw cut Kyoti character from polished 5mm black acrylic. The character can be moved and repositioned to add interest and personality.

Our new display attracted alot of attention - helping to make sure we stood out and demonstrating how exciting tension fabric displays can be.

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Shropshire Star 01-07-14